Send in photos of "I threw up." stickers in action, or send in recent mentions of the
Implied Regurgitation site or "I threw up." stickers in print or online, and get free stickers!

If you happen to see any references to the site or stickers in magazines,
newspapers, fanzines, on TV, videos, or on other web sites...please let us know!

We'll send you some "I threw up." stickers in return!

FYI: If you see references in print, such as magazines or newspapers, please try to get
us a copy of the original printed matter! We'd really like to have a copy for our archives.
However, if all you can supply is a digital image, then we'll certainly settle for that.

________If sending digital files via email:________

1. Be sure that the total size of your email, including attachments does not exceed 8 MB.
If you have larger images, send them free via sendspace.com.

2. Be sure the file has a resolution of at least 72 dpi.

3. Email to: ithrewup@ithrewup.com.
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4. We'll send you a confirmation email saying that we received the image(s).

________If sending images or other items via snail mail:________
send to:

Implied Regurgitation
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